Communications & Outreach

The purpose of the Communications & Outreach Working Group is to:

  1. work with APA staff, FIG members, APA Divisions, Chapters, and others to highlight food planning issues within APA, including focusing attention on this issue at the annual APA national planning conference,
  2. build partnerships with allied professions and organizations and work with them to promote food systems planning,
  3. link APA initiatives with other organizations.

Since beginning in April 2015, the Communications Working Group has held regular meetings to develop a work plan, with goals four goals aimed towards increasing the visibility of APA-FIG within APA and with allied professional organizations. A small working group was formed, with the intent of undertaking background research into food systems planning efforts happening at the local chapter level. Once the research is complete, the working group will provide recommendations to the FIG leadership committee for how to provide support to state and local chapters looking to increase their knowledge and practice of food systems planning.

Work has also begun on another Communications Working Group priority – developing a communications plan that will keep all outreach efforts, across all of FIG, consistent and on message.

The co-coordinators of this group are APA-FIG Leadership Committee member, Kara Martin, and Brian Hurd.

2015-2016 Draft Work Plan

The 2015-2016 Communications & Outreach Working Group draft work plan is available here.

2015-2016 Core Members

  • Marcia Caton Campbell | Milwaukee, WI
  • Todd Engala | Riverview, FL
  • Brian Hurd | Maryland Heights, MO
  • Jeanne Leccese | Buffalo, NY
  • Abigail Lundy | Washington, DC
  • Kara Martin | Seattle, WA
  • Andrea Petzel | Seattle, WA
  • Kevin Salzer | Jacksonville, FL
  • Erin Thoresen | Atlanta, GA

If you would like to join this working group, please follow these instructions “How to Join a Working Group“.

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