The purpose of the APA-FIG Research Working Group is to:

  1. communicate the implications of research for planning practice (e.g., through writing articles, newsletters, etc.),
  2. establish a research agenda that is relevant to planning practice, and
  3. advance multidisciplinary research on community-based food systems.

The Research Working Group is coordinated by Megan Horst, APA-FIG Leadership Committee member.

Since January 2015, the working group has met monthly via conference call to identify areas of interest and gaps in research related to food systems planning. This working group consists of students, researchers, local and state planners, consultants, and other professionals dedicated to creating and accomplishing a work plan to establish and better communicate multidisciplinary research that will advance community-based food systems. Thus far, members from the Research Working Group have submitted a proposal for a food systems planning track at the 2016 APA Conference, begun working toward a rotating blog that interprets relevant research for policy and practice and shares news items, and formed invaluable networking opportunities and potential partnerships.

2015-2016 Work Plan

The 2015-2016 Research Working Group draft work plan is available here.

2015-2016 Core Members

  • Karen Banks | Washington, DC
  • Joanne Burke | Newmarket, NH
  • Marcia Caton Campbell | Milwaukee, WI
  • Ben Chrisinger | Philadelphia, PA
  • Jeanette Eckert | Toledo, OH
  • Mike Greco | Minneapolis, MN
  • Nathan Higgins | Cambridge, MA
  • Lesli Hoey | Ann Arbor, MI
  • Becca Jablonski | Fort Collins, CO
  • Tiana Keith | Greenville, NC
  • Mark Lapping | Portland, ME
  • Samina Raja | Buffalo, NY
  • Leslie Robbins | Anchorage, AK
  • Paige Roos | Berkeley, CA
  • Nathaneal Rosenheim | College State, TX
  • Erin Thoresen | Atlanta, GA
  • Ginger White | Fresno, CA
  • Jennifer Whittaker | Buffalo, NY
  • Bronwyn Whyte | Toronto, ON

If you would like to join this working group, please follow these instructions “How to Join a Working Group“.

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